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We have a 40 year track record of providing world-class support and service to our customers and offer both internet and phone support for all of our products along with on-site service as an option.

If you have a support agreement with us, please let us know what sort of support you need by logging into your customer support portal and creating a ticket.  We promise to get back with you promptly!  To access your portal, just click here.


If you don’t have a support agreement with us, don’t worry!  We’ll still provide support to you!  You may request our standard fees by calling us at (800) 392-1392.  By clicking on one of the meeting/support options below, you verify that you are authorized to obligate your practice to pay for any fees generated.  You will be informed what we “estimate” the fees would be.  Just one more reason to fix your costs with a standard support agreement from us.





The top 10 reasons you should have a support agreement

  • Speak to the same support representative each time if you wish; there is no need to readdress issues.
  • No long wait times on hold.  We save you time.
  • We are probably already familiar with your office; its set-up, procedures, and special needs.
  • Being a local business, we are available for local on-site visits; no one from a toll-free number can just “drop by”.
  • We can offer you software, hardware, networking, training, and support options all from one office.  One-stop shopping is easier and better (as Wal-Mart would be quick to tell you!).
  • Support contracts are the perfect “insurance plan” to back up the training we provide.  If you receive on-site or internet training, we’ve already met you and your colleagues and have helped you work hands-on with your own data.
  • We’re not “big business”.  Our goal is to simply provide world-class service at a fair price.
  • Our clients who have support contracts with us receive bonuses like our Remote Troubleshooting option if they have a high-speed internet connection and discounts on our standard hourly rates.
  • We support our products in many different types of practices.  Chances are, we have dealt with the same issues that you may have questions about!
  • Support a local business with 40 years in quality service and support.
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