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RelayHealth connects you with patients, insurance companies (payors), and pharmacies.

Collecting revenue in a timely manner is critical to financial performance. As the market leader in healthcare connectivity services, nobody understands this better than RelayHealth. Which is why RelayHealth provides so many intelligent solutions to help maximize revenue.

For example:
Before a patient’s visit, RelayHealth helps make sure a patient’s insurance will pay for scheduled services with eligibility verification, an online service that provides quick confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage, reducing the likelihood of bad debt.

After a patient’s visit, the RelayHealth clearinghouse submits electronic claims to more than 1,800 payors, and returns an electronic remittance advice for most payors as well.

With the click of a button, RelayHealth lets a practice transmit a full day’s schedule to obtain eligibility information from most payors; responses retrieved directly from the payors offer accurate and up-to-date information. This not only saves time by eliminating lengthy phone calls to payors, but accelerates cash flow by enabling immediate patient collection payment for any treatment not covered by insurance.

Electronic claims and remittance processing enable accurate claims submissions and help reduce rejected claims. Filing electronic claims also ensures payment in half the time of paper claims. Once through the payor’s system, the practice receives notification of what the payor will pay on the claim in an electronic format.

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Connectivity services from RelayHealth help accelerate cash flow, reduce costs and improve office productivity. To learn more about RelayHealth, call us at (800) 392-1392 today!

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